California volunteers are eligible for COVID-19 vaccine dose

Thousands have gotten the coronavirus vaccine, but for many it has been and continued to be a challenge.

Now, word from the state that if you volunteer at a vaccination site for at least four hours you're eligible for getting the shot. It isn't guaranteed, but it's possible you could be offered the vaccine.

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"Ain't no tears for this, this is a happy occasion!" exclaimed David Dawson, as he received Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine shot in early February.

He got it after he decided to help out and volunteer at the Petco Park mass vaccination site in San Diego.

"I didn't want to jump the line and I didn't want to be a vaccine chaser... They were short of volunteers in early February so I hopped on their web site and signed up," Dawson said.

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For eight hours Dawson stood in the sun and observed those who had just gotten the vaccine to make sure they didn't have a bad reaction to it - Doing volunteer work that the State of California is now recruiting for.

"We're just getting started, our hope is that clinics are going to come on board in the coming weeks to provide more volunteer opportunities," says California's Chief Service Officer Josh Fryday.

Fryday says that volunteers are needed in all communities right now and will be needed at vaccine sites.

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Work four hours and you are eligible for a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

"It will still be up to the site where you volunteer as to validate that you've actually done the work, but also to make sure that they have enough supply to meet all of the eligible folks to receive the vaccine," says Fryday.

While some online have voiced concern about people just coming for the dose, Dawson who was offered the vaccine at the end of his 8-hour volunteer shift, says that was a bonus to a very special day. In fact he says he's already signed up to volunteer again.

"I got to see hundreds of people get the vaccine that day and I got to see how joyous it was for many of those people and how relieved many of them felt. Sorry getting a bit choked up even just thinking about it," says Dawson.

If you'd like to try and volunteer in your area you should go to to sign up.
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