Survey shows millions of Americans falling further into debt, losing work amid pandemic

An exclusive new Eyewitness News poll released Tuesday shows the growing financial impact of the coronavirus emergency.

The Survey USA poll projects that 21 million American households are now falling further into debt due to the pandemic.

The poll indicates an acceleration of job losses from a similar survey released on March 19.

About 18 percent of the work force has been laid off - that's up from 14% in late March when many stay-at-home orders first went into effect.

Additionally, 24% of workers have now had their hours reduced - but that number hasn't changed much in the last couple weeks.

Survey USA interviewed 1,000 adults online nationwide on April 6 and 7.

Here are some of the additional questions and results:

For homeowners: How concerned are you that, because of the virus, you may have trouble making your monthly mortgage payment on time?
23% Very
31% Somewhat
26% Not Very
20% Not At All
1% Not Sure

For renters: How concerned are you that, because of the virus, you may have trouble paying the rent on time?
29% Very
33% Somewhat
18% Not Very
18% Not At All
2% Not Sure

My hours have been reduced because of the virus:
24% Yes
76% No

I have been laid off because of the virus:
18% Yes
82% No

I have completely lost my job because of the virus:
5% Yes
95% No
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