With rent due soon, small businesses have tough choices ahead

As we get closer to April for businesses big and small rent will be due. For many it will be a real struggle to pay.

Neurologist Dr. Rain Apelian says "All of us are running out of cash, all of us need to work together, all of us need to take care of our communities and our patients."

Apelian works out of a building in Arcadia. He received a notice from the property manager saying he is expected to pay the rent in full and on time. The notice gave links to government websites if he needs financial assistance. He feels it was threatening.

"I think the language is certainly not in line with how we practice medicine and certainly not in line with any of the messages we receive from other companies offering their support," says Apelian.

Like Apelian, thousand of small businesses are having to make difficult choices.

Stuart Waldman is from the Valley Industry and Commerce Association

"How do they survive, how do they pay their rent, how do they pay their employees, how do they pay their taxes," says Waldman.

Apelian's property manager is the Renken Company. In a statement the company says:

"The struggles tenants and landlords are faced with during this crisis are unsettling and extremely unpredictable. As the Property Managers entrusted with ensuring that tenants continue to have a safe and secure place to run their businesses now and in the future, we are working diligently alongside tenants and landlords alike on creative solutions that will allow all parties to prevail through these unprecedented times."
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