Spring breakers keep partying despite coronavirus warnings, social distancing guidelines

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Thursday, March 19, 2020
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Large crowds were on the beach, doing the exact opposite of what health officials have said.

PORT ARANSAS, Texas -- Despite warnings to avoid crowds, some people decided to party anyway during spring break in Port Aransas, Texas.

The crowds were captured on video last week, despite federal guidelines to "social distance" in order to slow the spread of the disease and prevent the U.S. health care system from reaching a point where it can't handle the number cases.

On South Padre Island, spring breakers also refused to cancel their plans even though the mayor declared a state of emergency.

In Florida, huge crowds on beaches also gathered during spring break in contrast to social distancing recommendations.

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There are expected to be tougher restrictions Thursday for beachgoers in Florida, but Governor Ron DeSantis has not issued an order to close the state's beaches.

Instead, DeSantis signed an order that will limit parties on beaches to 10 people per group, and if that doesn't work, deputies who patrol the beaches will break up groups.