SoCal businesses turn to steep discounts, new marketing methods to keep afloat

Amid the coronavirus economic downtown, many Southern California small companies are offering steep discounts and turning to social media marketing to try to stay in business.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Southern California small businesses are hurting because of the coronavirus crisis.

And they're asking for your help to survive.

Many local businesses are offering bargais and changing how they do business in order to stay "Socal Strong."

Charlie Nunn photography's Instagram page is normally all about pets - mostly dogs and cats. But now there are bargains too, offered by local small businesses struggling during the shutdown.

"We are highlighting two to three companies a day and talk about why we like them and what their passion is, what they offer, " said Raymond Janus with Charlie Nunn Photography.

The social media mentions are sprinkled through the page and it's giving some of these businesses a chance to reach new customers.

Zane Lamprey with Adv3nture Clothing said his company came up with a 60% coupon, dropping the price down to cost just to keep revenue flowing.

The idea is catching on fast. Charlie Nunn already has 65 different businesses offering bargains on their page.

For many the internet and social media is the only way to reach out to customers right now.

And while Charlie Nunn can't save them on their own every little bit helps.

"We both believe surviving this financially and as a business will be a patchwork of solutions and we want to be a part of that for other companies," said Janus.

And one post at a time they are, highlighting bargains for customers and giving local businesses a lifeline in these very difficult times.
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