Coronavirus: LAX workers take matters into their own hands amid threat

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Airline workers are being asked to deep clean planes amidst the spread of coronavirus, leaving some union employees concerned.

On Tuesday, some airline workers said they are concerned that they are putting their families at risk. They say they are not properly trained to clean planes since the coronavirus outbreak began.

Workers say they also want equipment on a consistent basis when disinfecting planes.

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SEIU workers expressed their frustration over what's happening to non-union member workers who clean and service planes.

The union offered workers masks, wipes and gloves and have planned for training next week.

The union says the workers, attendants and janitors workers for contractors S.A.S and JetStream, have not had adequate equipment the first several weeks of the coronavirus spread.

ABC7 is following up with S.A.S. and JetStream Tuesday afternoon to hear their response.

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Los Angeles Councilman Mike Bonin sent a statement saying he was alarmed by reports of inadequate training and says he is introducing legislation next week aimed at improving safety procedures.

A spokesman for LAX said this is a union dispute and these workers do not work for the city or airport.
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