Bride forced to postpone wedding due to COVID-19 gives flowers away to random strangers

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- One of the many side effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic is couples are being forced to reschedule their wedding dates.

After so much time, money, effort and planning, it can be a devastating situation to suddenly be in. A bride in Arkansas, however, used the postponing of her wedding to spread joy all over Little Rock.

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She had 200 flower arrangements ready to go for the big day. Instead of letting them go to waste, she gave the florist permission to give them away to random strangers.

So, staff from Silks a Bloom drove to different neighborhoods, knocked on doors, and bouquet by bouquet, brightened peoples' days.

"Everyone has been overjoyed," Dale from Silks a Bloom said. "The second they see those flowers, they just get a smile on their face and they're so appreciative to kind of see people out doing good things."
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