COVID Test LA is city's 1st rapid testing center on wheels

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- One local man pivoted his career during the pandemic, moving from a high-demand consulting career in tech, to creating LA's first rapid COVID testing center on wheels.

Kris Sims is one of the managing partners for the mobile COVID Test LA. The idea was inspired while he was waiting in a long line for hours for a COVID-19 test back in July.

"Midway through, I started texting a friend of mine, Pete who is one of the partners, and started doing some research on the internet about what it would actually take to be able to start a company like this," Sims said.

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That idea turned into an actual business at the end of September with three friends working on their free time to start the company.

In just a few months, COVID Test LA has been busy providing the testing service to local businesses, weddings and other events.

Sims hopes he can help his community by providing peace of mind.

The company says it's a 15 minute wait to receive the results, with a cost of $125 per test. The quick results offer an accuracy that is in the upper 80-percentile.

"This experience is something that I found out that I am pretty passionate about. It serves a financial end, but also a social good as well, " he said.

The service is mostly for businesses or groups of 10 or more, if interested you can reach them at and on instagram @veritastesting.

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