Southern California man raising awareness about COVID-19 after father dies

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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A Southern California man is raising awareness after his father died from COVID-19 last week.

A Southern California man is raising awareness after his father died from COVID-19 last week.

"He was big on doing the right thing when no one was watching," said Chris Hylton.

For 35 years, Chris' dad Ray Hylton worked at a CVS Pharmacy distribution center in La Habra.

Chris believes it was there where his father contracted COVID-19, alleging a massive outbreak occurred, according to his dad's union.

"They let us know there was confirmed 253 cases with 4 fatalities," he said.

After being hospitalized at St. Mary's Medical Center in Apple Valley, Ray Hylton passed away last week. He was 67 and planned to retire this year.

Chris believes more could have been done to prevent his dad's death if more people had known how to help.

"Our healthcare system is not prepared for a pandemic. We shouldn't lose lives because we can't provide people the plasma and blood they need," he said.

CVS Health described Ray as a compassionate man who was well-liked and inspirational to those who worked with him.

Though, in a statement, the company says the magnitude of a workplace outbreak alleged by the Hylton family isn't true, telling Eyewitness News:

"Our infectious disease protocols - including our cleaning procedures, mask and PPE supplies for employees, quarantine policy, social distancing rules and other protocols - meet or exceed federal and state requirements."

"He always told me 'no matter what Chris, you keep on moving on. It's always showtime. You gotta keep on moving on,'" Chris Hylton said.

Chris left with a heavy heart, is raising not only funds for his dad's burial, but also awareness.

"I see a lot of posts on social media where people think it's fake, that COVID's not real," he said. "People need to take this seriously. Wear your mask."

"If you're in a dangerous environment where people are not wearing their mask, get away from that environment. If you don't need to gather with people, don't gather, just wait until this thing is over," he said.

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