Fake football fundraisers knock on the wrong door in Covina

Residents have been warned about the scammers after the coach busted them.
COVINA, Calif. (KABC) -- Two scammers pretending to be with the Covina High School football team knocked on the wrong door - and now the word is out about their fraud.

The two young men were going door-to-door claiming to raise money for the school football team.

Then they knocked on the door of a team coach.

Ring doorbell video footage captured the conversation, which ended in them quickly walking away.

"We're fundraising for Covina high school," one of the men said, raising his hand to show a flyer. "We're working really hard, sir."

The coach who answered the door knew these men weren't his players.

"I know for a fact you're not working with Covina high school," he said.

But the man kept trying to sell his story.

"I play the running back position, sir."

"I'm a football coach there at Covina."

"Oh really?"


The two scammers then turned and quickly walked away.

Covina High School posted the video online, adding "We love and appreciate our community support through the years but please be diligent when suspect people come to your door. Our fundraising typically is no longer door to door."

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