Man with sledgehammer, knife damages LA tattoo parlor

LOS ANGELES -- A man armed with a sledgehammer caused some serious property damage at a Los Angeles tattoo shop, and the rampage was caught on cellphone video.

Cole Seigel, owner of Crimson Unicorn, said the man came into the shop during business hours wielding a sledgehammer and a knife. Seigel said the man then started smashing things in front of customers and employees.

Seigel said there are holes in the walls, slashes in the furniture and art, and equipment was destroyed. He wasn't at the store at the time of the incident, but he said customers were so shaken up, some left the store.

"I compared it to like some sort of scene from an organized crime movie or something, like he wanted to come and just mash the place up to really prove a point," Seigel said. "When he was done, I got a nice text message letting me know that he gave the shop a nice facelift."

Seigel said the attack stemmed from a business dispute between the man and the tattoo shop. He has filed a police report and said he may also pursue legal action.