DRAMATIC VIDEO: Crocodile chases swimmer to shore

Terrified onlookers recorded this video from a bridge as a tourist swam away from a hungry 10-foot crocodile in Mexico. Fortunately, the tourist makes it to shore first, perhaps thanks to the person who throws an object at the crocodile near the end of the video.

The terrifying encounter was originally posted to Facebook by Manuel Carrera, who said that the crocodile was slower because it was well-fed. The video was then uploaded to YouTube by Noticaribe, who reported that it happened in Sian Ka'an, a wildlife reserve on the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

When he posted the video, Carrera said he hopes this will be a warning not to feed the wildlife. He said that tourists feeding the crocodile was what caused the situation in the first place, as the croc associates people with food and was trying to make a lunch out of the tourist.

Here's the original post:
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