Cursive comeback: Proposal to reinstate teaching cursive at LAUSD schools gaining support

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There's a proposal to reinstate the teaching of cursive handwriting at LAUSD schools - and it's gaining support.

A lot of schools no longer teach cursive. The LAUSD Board just approved a request for a plan that would set things into motion.

Emelita Academy Charter School teacher Michelle Mitchell is ensuring keystroke and technology don't overshadow her students' ability to put pen to paper.

"The art in itself is being taken over by digital technology. We are on our iPads constantly, we text constantly, spelling honestly is becoming a lost art form," she said. "I believe it's important students learn cursive handwriting because, first of all, they need a signature in their life."

The resolution cites research that shows learning cursive can stimulate a child's brain development, enhance their motor skills and may help them learn to read.

"We always constantly work with differentiation, left brain, right brain - and cursive definitely plays an important role in developing both because it has an artistic component, as well as a mechanical component," Mitchell said.

The school board's plan is expected to be developed in the next three months.
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