'Dancing with the Stars' host Tyra Banks talks fashion, shares ballroom secrets

LOS ANGELES -- "Dancing with the Stars" host and executive producer Tyra Banks brings her inner fashionista to the ballroom each week and is having a blast with her eye-catching wardrobe.

Banks says her long career as a fashion model gave her an inkling of what to expect.

"I know fittings. I have battle scars of like pins and all kind of stuff. But this is a whole different level. This is like fashion costume design!" Banks said.

When it comes to all the dancing on the show, she's also become a cheerleader of sorts - rooting on every team and enjoying all the week-to-week improvements.

"I want to see progression. You know, I'm wanting everybody to just get better and better and better. So to see the best dance yet? I'm like, 'yes!'" Banks said.

And believe it or not, Banks shared she doesn't have the best view of the ballroom because she needs to stay out of all the camera shots.

"I actually have the worst spot. I think the best spot is at home. I think the second best spot is the judges. So the dancers are dancing for the camera and people at home. The shots and the floor and the lights and all that are for everybody at home," Banks said.

Banks let us in on a little secret regarding the prep work each week before the show.

"In the beginning of "Dancing with the Stars" and last season, I pretty much did most of the rehearsal, either all of it or most of it," Banks said. "Now I try to do as little as possible because I want to be sure I hit my marks and things like that, but it is important for me as a host to be surprised. It's important for me to go, 'Oh my God!' and not be acting."

"Dancing with the Stars" airs Monday nights on ABC.

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