Travel trend: Day-stay hotels offer rest, relaxation between flights

A new trend is making it easier for travelers to take a break at a local hotel without paying for the entire night.

Day-stays, also known as micro-stays, lets travelers book a room just for a few hours while they're passing through.

"Day- or micro-stays are becoming more and more popular as hotels are catching on to the idea that they can make extra revenue by basically monetizing vacant rooms during the day," said Anne Banas with

Avid traveler Dana Zucker knows all about this option. She's booked day-stays at hotels at home and on the road.

"They would have a day package and it would give you use of the facilities. You could use the infinity pool overlooking the lake. You can use all the scheduled classes that they have -- whether they have yoga or whether they have trapeze class that day," Zucker said.

Barak Hirschowitz with the International Luxury Hotel Association took advantage of the option during a flight through London. He checked in, showered, ate at the restaurant, power napped then went back to the airport to catch his flight.

"It really broke up the trip nicely -- rather than sitting in a crowded airport for six or seven hours," Hirschowitz said.

Luxury resorts are leading the charge on this growing trend. But day-stays or micro-stays are offered by smaller, independent hotels too.

You can call the hotel directly to find out about their day-stay availability or use a growing number of online websites, such as, and

The rate for the stay varies based on the hotel and the location.

Make sure to compare rates. For example, paying the day-rate for four people can sometimes cost more than actually booking a room for the night. Certain perks may also be off limits.
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