DOD not shutting down power grid despite internet rumor saying they will

A social media rumor this week regarding a Department of Defense exercise has caused a wave of concern.

A video posted online is telling people that the DOD will be setting off an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that will shut down the power grid from Nov. 4 to Nov. 6 and advises everyone to be prepared.

An EMP is a short blast of electromagnetic radiation that can damage and affect electronic devices and communications.

While the DOD is planning an exercise that will simulate a power outage scenario, it has been highly exaggerated online.

In an article on the agency's website, officials said the scenario "will not affect any public or private communications" and that the exercise is designed to improve readiness if this event should ever occur.

Officials said that there will be no power outage of communication systems.

The Army Military Auxiliary Radio System posted a version of the original announcement of the training on their Facebook page and responded to a number of concerned comments.

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