Details emerge in investigation of Burbank bodies

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- New details are emerging about the investigation into three men found dead inside a parked SUV in Burbank.

Police are trying to determine if the case is linked to a missing person case in Bakersfield.

Relatives tell Eyewitness News two brothers disappeared while traveling with a friend to Riverside.

They were last seen in a red Jeep with Tennessee plates. That's the same kind of vehicle found on Varney Street next to the 5 Freeway Tuesday.

People who work in the industrial area say they spotted the Jeep parked illegally on Friday night.

One man who works in the area said he noticed the car parked illegally and then realized it was still there Monday afternoon.

There was a strong odor coming from the vehicle, he said. He called Burbank police to report the vehicle and says he thought there might be a body in there.

When he showed up for work the next day, it was still there.

He and his boss took a closer look and then called police again.

The second report is what led to a Burbank parking enforcement officer making the grim discovery.

Burbank Police confirm there was a call for service on Monday around 5 p.m..But that the responding parking enforcement officer failed to locate the Jeep.

The department says the log of that call shows no mention of a body.

The coroner's office is still working to determine a cause of death of the three men.
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