Diesel fuel prices soar to record highs, affecting consumers throughout US economy

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As energy markets around the world cope with the ongoing disruptions from the war in Ukraine, U.S. diesel prices surged for the third straight week, shattering all-time records.

But why should all American consumers be concerned about the surging prices?

It wasn't that long ago that drivers were seeing the price of unleaded gasoline skyrocket and wondering why the price of diesel was so much cheaper.

On Monday, however, diesel was selling for $7.69 per gallon at a gas station in Eagle Rock - that price point no longer uncommon in Southern California.

While the cost surge is hitting semitruck drivers hard, even vehicle owners who don't use diesel are feeling the financial reverberations.

"Every time you fill up you realize you're spending about $300, $400 more on fuel," said one trucker. "And we fill up every other day."

Oil executives drilled about high gas prices by angry lawmakers
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With gas prices still near historic highs, Congress took aim at the oil industry Wednesday, grilling the top executives from six major oil companies.

For the rest of us, who use unleaded gas, don't think you're getting off the hook.

"It does have this really insidious effect of just increasing prices that consumers see all over," said Joe Rajkovacz, spokesman for the Western States Trucking Association.

As diesel prices skyrocket, so do the prices of food, clothing and pretty much everything that needs to be shipped.

"Everything that consumers buy -- at the store, everything -- at one point or another, it is on a truck," Rajkovacz noted.

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