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Thursday, October 24, 2019
Former Disney World employee accused in theft of costumes
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A former Disney World employee is suspected in the theft of thousands of dollars of costumes and wigs from the Haunted Mansion.

ORLANDO, Fla. (KABC) -- Disney World's Haunted Mansion has welcomed millions of visitors. And it's never more busy than around Halloween.

But earlier this year, costumes and props started to mysteriously disappear from the Florida park. And it wasn't ghosts or goblins at work.

Detectives say the man accused of stealing the items is a former Disney employee, 24-year-old Patrick Spikes.

They say he ran a popular website that showed the backstage, off-limits areas of Walt Disney World.

Detectives say in addition to trespassing, he is also accused of stealing items that could be very valuable to Disney collectors, including wigs, and costumes worn by the animatronic ghostly characters that inhabit the Haunted Mansion.

Detectives say many images of the stolen items were later found on Spikes' cellphone.

A video released by Florida authorities shows detectives interrogating Spikes.

At one point, he says he wants to talk to an attorney. The detectives say fine, but he has to leave his cellphone with them. He snatches up the cellphone and the detectives quickly grab him, wrestle him to the ground and take back the phone.

Later after they handcuff him, he asks to call his mom.

"You're an adult correct?" the detective says. "I'm not calling your mom. Stay there."

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