Dodgers fan says stadium security beat him on Opening Day

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The Dodger organization is investigating claims that a fan was severely beaten by stadium security during Opening Day.

In a video captured by a witness, Dodger security and LAPD officers are seen holding someone down as they take him into custody. The fan who said he was in the middle of the scrum spoke out Friday.

"There was about 10 of them completely all punching me in my face, throwing blows to the side of my stomach, kicking me," Francisco Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez, of Norco, had his injuries photographed after he left the hospital Friday morning. He said that he wasn't drunk and that it started when he was watching another fan "getting a hard time from security."

He said he asked officers what the problem was, and the next thing he knew, he was being escorted out of the stadium. It was unclear what caused that.

"My whole side of my legs are completely bruised from the kneeing that they were doing. It's nothing that I'm making up because they have footage. It will all show what they did to me," he said.

What also hurts is that Rodriguez said he's been a die-hard Dodger fan for nearly two decades. He said he spent $15,000 for his family to attend last year's World Series. He also said he isn't sure what he wants to do next.

"I'm definitely going to voice my opinion to them and I will hear them out, just like they need to hear me out also," he said.

LAPD confirmed that officers responded to what they called "a private person's citizen's arrest." There were allegations that Rodriguez engaged in something that could lead to charges against him.

It was unclear what his offense may be. They also said Rodriguez has no criminal history and no outstanding warrants.
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