Daredevil dog rides on back of 12-foot hammerhead shark in crazy video

A dog in Exuma, Bahamas was caught on video jumping into the water and onto the back of a 12-foot hammerhead shark.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023
Daredevil dog rides on back of 12-foot hammerhead shark
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It seems man's best friend is also buddies with 12-foot hammerhead sharks? Or the canine was protecting his home from the ocean predator. It's hard to tell.

EXUMA, BAHAMAS (KABC) -- A viral video taken by a boat tour company in Exuma, Bahamas shows a daredevil dog jumping into the water to hitch a ride on the hammerhead shark swimming along the coast of the tropical private island.

The dog can be seen running into the water and gliding on the shark's back before safely swimming back to shore.

Perhaps the dog and shark are buddies, or maybe the dog likes to go bodyboarding. It's impossible to know what the dog was thinking, but he did make it back to shore in good shape.

The dog was not harmed in the stunt, and it does not appear the shark was either.