Firefighters rescue dog possibly thrown from roof in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Firefighters rescued a dog that was either thrown or fell at least two stories from a roof in Hollywood.

The dog fell from the roof of a four-story building onto a two-story building in the 1400 block of North Bronson Avenue.

Initial reports indicated the dog was thrown, but authorities are still investigating. Neighbors also had conflicting accounts of what may have happened to the canine.

"He was obviously thrown on there. There's no way he could have jumped out of a window or anything," resident Shirley Oballe said.

But another neighbor wasn't so sure.

"I think the dog got out on the fire escape," Teresa Morado said. "People leave the windows open so it probably got out of the house or somebody's apartment. I don't think anybody intentionally threw a dog here. I think it was more of an accident."

Firefighters were able to use a ladder truck to help rescue the dog from the roof, but they also weren't sure what happened to the pup.

The dog was then given to its owner, who rushed inside the vehicle and drove to a nearby animal hospital. The animal appeared to be alert, but was bleeding and injured.

Later, the pet was transported to Access Animal Hospital in Culver City. Staff was not able to provide much information on the dog's condition because of HIPAA laws.
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