East Los Angeles Dollar Tree manager arrested after secret camera found in bathroom

EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A manager at a Dollar Tree store in East Los Angeles was arrested after being accused of peeping on a customer and secretly filming her in the store's bathroom.

On busy Whittier Boulevard in East L.A., shoppers expect a good deal at the Dollar Tree, but no one expected to hear the store's manager had been arrested, accused of recording a woman in the restroom.

Carlos Martinez was arrested on Sept. 7. Now, the woman at the heart of the case, 24-year-old Alexandria Sabori, is coming forward.

Sabori said when she discovered hidden the phone that was recording her in the bathroom, she couldn't believe her eyes. She said she kept telling herself that she couldn't be a victim of such a crime.

Sabori and her attorneys fear there are other victims. They also want a response from Dollar Tree about how they train their staff.

"Nobody had ever reached out to Ms. Sabori. Nobody came from Dollar Tree to answer questions or explain what has happened," said Patrick Nolan, Sabori's lawyer. "That's when we got involved, and I can tell you, Dollar Tree is going to answer our questions now that we're involved."

Sabori says the secret recording has taken an emotional toll.

"I just really want parents to watch their kids. You know, this could have been my niece instead of me," Sabori said.

As cameras get smaller and better, the threat of being secretly recorded grows, and that's making a lot of people uncomfortable.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the case. They want other potential victims to contact them.
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