DUI suspect narrowly misses traffic in Compton chase; 3 taken into custody

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- A possible DUI suspect led authorities on a high-speed chase through surface streets in Compton Friday night.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said that deputies tried around 7 p.m. to stop a suspect who was wanted for reckless driving and possibly driving under the influence.

The driver, who was speeding, blowing intersections and narrowly missing cars and buses, was in a white PT Cruiser convertible with a black top.

Footage from AIR7 HD showed there were at least two other passengers in the vehicle.

The suspect hit speeds as high as 70 mph as he traveled through busy streets. The driver eventually got on the 91 Freeway and then merged onto the northbound 110 Freeway.

The suspect merged onto the freeway and narrowly missed hitting a wall.

The suspect eventually got back on surface streets, getting dangerously close to vehicles and at one point was driving on the wrong side of the road.

The driver circled back into the Compton area and tried to go through narrow alleyways and residential areas.

At some points, the suspect tried talking to someone at a residential intersection and the person quickly sped off and away from the PT Cruiser.

Then along Compton Boulevard near White Avenue, the suspect stopped right in the middle of the busy street. It appeared the driver and some passengers were peeking out of the passenger-side window as authorities stayed far behind the vehicle.

After a few moments, patrol cruisers sped up right behind the vehicle and officers got out of their cars with their guns drawn.

Three people appeared in the windows of the vehicle, waving their hands in the air.

The driver then exited the vehicle as authorities ordered him to put his hands on his head and slowly move toward them.

The suspect and two other passengers - another man and a woman - were taken into custody.
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