Health coaches offer tips to eat and live well without diet and exercise

LONG BEACH (KABC) -- Many in Southern California live a healthy lifestyle, but there are others that try, then fail to make necessary changes.

"Most people bite a bigger bite that they can swallow. Then they give up," said health coach Galina Denzel.

"People overcomplicate things. So they tend to want to have the perfect environment, the perfect diet, the perfect exercise plan," said health coach Roland Denzel.

The Denzels believe simplifying goals is the way to be successful.

In their new book "Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well," they offer sensible ideas for success.

"We honed in about 50 habits that if you pick even just five of them, you'd be doing much better in your health and wellbeing," Galina said.

Neither tell you to hit the gym or count fat grams or calories. Instead, make new choices.

To curb a sweet tooth Galina says add both sweet and crunch to green salads by way of seasonal fruit.

Additional pulverized herbs not only smell great, but aid digestion, fight bacteria and signal satiety.

And while most know about yogurt as a probiotic, Roland suggests making sauerkraut, another probiotic, at home.

"Cabbage that's been fermented with some salt - it softens up and it's great," said Roland.

Shred cabbage in a bowl with two tablespoons of sea salt.

Pack it into a mason jar. In a week or two it will break down for a nice sour veggie.

Movement wise, stand more, walk more, and more importantly squat more.

Being able to do a full squat not only helps to strengthen your glutes, your legs, and your core, it helps you maintain your flexibility and increase circulation.

"It also maintains the health of the organs that are in the small of the pelvic reproductive system, digestive system," said Galina.
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