Ed Asner Family Center launches Camp Ed, an arts camp for those with special needs

STUDIO CITY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For decades, TV legend Ed Asner has graced audiences with his humor and talent. He and his family just debuted Camp Ed, part of the Ed Asner Family Center, where children and adults with special needs learn about the arts.

"How nice to have a Camp Ed, where hopefully kids who aren't encouraged to be artists, find the hidden artist within them," said Asner, who also shared that as a child, no one encouraged him to seek art or perform it.

It seems the center is doing a fine job at encouraging the students.

"I feel real and my autism just disappears when I act," said student Spencer Harte.

The program, led by Asner's son and daugther-in-law, also offers vocational and mental health support. It was launched in large part because one of Asner's sons has autism and another has children on the spectrum. The camp is a preview of the full program that will launch in September.

"I love making friends here" said student Michael Anthony Greenfield. "It's another miracle."
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