Eddie Murphy returns to the big screen with new comedy 'Dolemite is My Name'

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Friday, October 4, 2019
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Eddie Murphy scores big with his new R-rated comedy, "Dolemite is my Name."

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- Eddie Murphy's new movie, "Dolemite Is My Name," is his first R-rated comedy in 20 years. The film takes us back to the 1970s Blaxploitation era in movies.

He leads the cast in a comedy based on a true story, with Murphy playing real-life comedian Rudy Ray Moore. The guy can't catch a break in the business, until he assumes the persona of a racy character he calls Dolemite.

"I watched him as a kid and thought he was funny, but I didn't know his backstory until I got into the movie business myself," said Murphy.

Being Dolemite gets him attention, just not enough to get any financial backing. So he figures out how to do what he needs to do without the usual help along the way.

"And the people that were making movies like 'Blackenstein' and 'Blacula,' he couldn't even get in there," said Murphy. "And I thought, wow, this guy was really a guerrilla filmmaker. He's a dreamer with the least amount of stuff. He doesn't have the look. He doesn't have his comedy as the creed. He literally goes in the alley gets his jokes from bums and hobos. He has none of this stuff to make a star--he has none of that--but he has a belief in himself and that's the most important ingredient."

"This movie reminds me of 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.' It reminds me of a person who won't take no for an answer," said co-star Keegan-Michael Key. "It's a very American story, you know? It's about pulling yourself up by your boot straps and believing in yourself."

Unlike "Mr. Smith," though, "Dolemite Is My Name" is rated R for language, sexual content and graphic nudity. It's in theaters Oct. 4.