3 Arcadia High School students get perfect SAT scores

ARCADIA, Calif. (KABC) -- Three 16-year-old Arcadia High School students beat the odds last November and each earned a perfect score on the SATs, one of the most difficult and stressful test for high schoolers.

Hanah Lee, Titus Wu and Jeffrey Wang all took the same SAT prep course, but they said it was what they did throughout their school careers and during their free time that might have been the real reason for their big accomplishment.

"Going into the SAT I just told myself I shouldn't stress too much about it, so I took a kind of laid back approach," Hanah said.

Titus said he reads newspapers to relax, and Jeffrey prefers magazines such as the "New Yorker."

But these students aren't just super-smart - they're active in school clubs, sports and even the Boy Scouts.

Arcadia Unified School District Superintendent David Annastall said a student's success is not just about taking the test, but about being intelligent and being able to know how to apply it.

Each student is humble and said they are completely surprised by their perfect score of 2,400.

"I was really scared to check my score, but when I did I literally screamed," Hanah said.

"I literally thought like someone pranked me, like sent me the wrong webpage or something. I was just amazed because I wasn't expecting that at all," Jeffrey said.

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