Cash for College helps LAUSD students reach higher education goals

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Cash for College is lending a helping hand to Los Angeles Unified high school students who want to fulfill their goals in higher education.

"Financial aid for college is a big thing. College is expensive, so I am looking forward to it," said student Yamileth Hernandez.

Cash for College has been up and running for 13 years and offers financial and college admission information to students from low income schools across Los Angeles.

"Our program is expecting about 8,000 students over the two-day event at the Convention Center, and we're working primarily with L.A. Unified schools, students that have really high potential but need a little help getting all the critical information they need to go to college," said Paola Statana.

The program isn't just a great opportunity for the students; it's also an opportunity for schools to get their names out to students who may not have considered them before.

"It's our chance to come out and meet with and greet these students here, and provide them an opportunity to see that there is an opportunity up in Northern California for them," said Pedro Martinez with Cal State Chico.

Students who moved on to college admit Cash for College made a difference.

"I hope to one day be a college counselor so that I can help these students from minority backgrounds and underrepresented backgrounds go to college and have their dreams come true like mine are," said Desiree Martinez, a UCLA student.

That's the one of the goals for Cash for College: getting students from low income areas to share their experiences and advice with those now facing the tough questions about going to college, and finding a way to pay for it.

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