Cool Kid Kayla Borack helps special-needs students in Fountain Valley

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- Our ABC7 Cool Kid for Thursday, Jan. 28, is Kayla Borack, who is finding ways to help special-needs students at Fountain Valley High School.

Kayla said she found inspiration in her own family.

"My uncle Gary, he has a mental disability, and I grew up being with him and visiting him a couple times a year, and so that really sparked my interest in working with people with special needs," Kayla said.

Fountain Valley High School has a club called Baron Buddies that addresses the concerns of special-needs students. Kayla wanted to reenergize the organization and make it something special.

"It's a place where all students can come regardless of whether you have a disability or not, just to socialize, make friends and be together and have fun in a positive environment," she said.

This is not just a high school project. Kayla is mapping out a career to continue her work.

"I really want to study special education going on in the future and that's something I want to major in and later on, become a special education teacher - possibly even teaching at Fountain Valley High School," she said.

Whether it's in Baron Buddies or in her own life, Kayla has a goal.

"I'd love to see each of the students that I work with and each student who comes to the club to grow and become more social and be able to talk with people and learn skills that they might not just learn inside the classroom," she said.

Kayla knows firsthand how special everyone is. She wants to make sure that more people see the same thing.
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