Plant A Seed Day: Nonprofit helps build learning gardens at 75 schools across Los Angeles

HAWTHORNE, Calif. (KABC) -- "We're here at Eucalyptus Elementary where they have a learning garden we've built with them and we're planting a seed for Plant a Seed Day 2020," founder of Big Green, Kimbal Musk said.

Big Green is a nonprofit organization, founded by Kimbal Musk, Elon Musk's brother. Big Green works with schools to install learning gardens across the country. They've already installed gardens in 75 schools across Los Angeles.

"They get to investigate and observe different bugs and their little ecosystems that they created and then the process of the plant growth itself," parent volunteer Danielle Marquez said.

"They get their nutrition lessons and they can share it with their family," Maye Musk said. "Because you know what kids are like: they learn something at school and then they love to tell you afterwards in the evening." Maye is Kimbal and Elon's mother and also a registered dietitian nutritionist.

Not only do students at Eucalyptus Elementary in Hawthorne get to learn all the health benefits of planting a seed, but they also learn how it benefits the planet.

"You learn when you get outside and you start growing food that if you look after something, it thrives," Kimbal said. "And if you don't look after something it struggles. And that's a lesson, not just for food but also for our planet."

The difference between learning gardens and traditional gardens is learning gardens are right in the middle of the school, so kids can come and pick their fruits or vegetables right off the vine.

"One of the kids pulled a carrot out of the ground and when they pull a carrot out of the ground, it's one of the greatest things," Kimbal said. "Because all they see is a little green sprout and they pull the carrot out and it is like a magic trick. Their eyes just go 'Wow'. It's the greatest magic trick they've ever seen."

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