School superintendent suspended for having champagne when no kids were on campus

A school superintendent in Michigan has been suspended for five days without pay because of a couple sips of champagne.

At the end of last year's term, the school had a sendoff for two retiring colleagues, including a principal who'd been with the district for 40 years.

Superintendent Jennifer Mast brought a bottle of champagne so they could make a toast.

The school was out for the summer and there were no kids on campus.

Between them, the 12 adults did not finish the single bottle.

Mast said another staff member told on her.

"The staff member made a threat after the investigation took place and basically said that if she was disciplined, that she was going to reveal a dirty little secret," Mast added.

She said she expected to be disciplined but thinks the punishment is excessive.

For the most part, parents agree and have rallied to support her, but the suspension stands.
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