Teacher reveals her salary in Facebook post, stranger fills her classroom with supplies

PHOENIX -- After an Arizona teacher disclosed her $35,621.25 salary on Facebook last year as protests over teacher pay roiled the nation, a man she'd never met stepped up to stock her classroom with school supplies.

Elisabeth Milich, a second-grade teacher at Whispering Wind Academy in Phoenix, told ABC News that she was able to make ends meet at home because of her husband's income but that she struggled to buy supplies for her classroom, which serves low-income students and receives federal funds to help meet educational goals.

As Milich's story was shared far and wide, it caught the attention of a New York man named Ben Adam. He messaged her on Facebook asking if she needed help purchasing school supplies for her classroom.

"I'm thinking, 'This is crazy. This is a total stranger from New York,'" Milich told ABC News. "When school started, I started getting Amazon packages. I thought it was a one-time thing."

Adam continued to send Milich classroom supplies well into the second semester of school. She received paper, books, paints, paintbrushes and snacks for her students, among other things.

Milich said she'd like to meet Adam in person and give him a "big hug" for making the kids "light up" in her classroom.

Adam later adopted other classrooms in addition to Milich's. He followed that up by launching a website, classroomgiving.org, to help other teachers who are in need of supplies.

"We are not asking for donations and we are not raising any funds," Adam told ABC News. "It takes you to Amazon and you enter the classroom address into your Amazon address book. You send whatever you can afford and you know that item has gotten exactly to the person you sent it to."

ABC News contributed to this report.
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