Coronavirus pandemic: How will Hollywood TV, movie production restart?

While there is a desire for filming to resume, entertainment industry leaders say reopening studio lots will take time.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- During the novel coronavirus pandemic, studio lots have become ghost towns at a time when broadcast networks would typically be wrapping up pilot season. Now leaders in the entertainment industry are trying to figure out a plan to reopen Hollywood.

"We're likely to start with smaller productions because it would make sense. There's fewer people on set, it's easier to socially distance," Bryn Sandberg of the Hollywood Reporter said.

An estimated 700,000 jobs and 5,000 small businesses are directly dependent on the entertainment industry.

Many of those jobs will be brought back slowly, minimizing the amount of people on set at one time.

Streaming films eligible for 2021 Oscars, but for 1 year only
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The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced the change as a response to how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the film industry.

"It's unlikely that you're going to have crowd scenes in the foreseeable future," Sandberg said.

Intimate scenes may be shot separately and combined in post-production.

And at first, travel may be limited.

Production may have to happen in the Los Angeles area, which means costs will be higher and space will be competitive, according to Paul Audley of FilmLA.

"So, we're working with our city, county partners and private landowners to develop some spaces where they can go safely," Audley said.

Shoulder to shoulder red carpet events and movie premieres will also need to be restructured once they're brought back.

Awards season will also have major changes.

Movies that debuted on a streaming service without a theatrical run will be eligible for the Oscars, but only this year. The films must have already had a planned theatrical release.

Traditionally, in order to qualify for the Oscars, films at a minimum needed a seven-day theatrical run in L.A. or New York.
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