'Absinthe' brings its sexy Vegas circus to the Southland

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- "Absinthe" has been playing to packed houses in Las Vegas for almost six years.

Now, this circus-like show has hit the road and Southern California is its first stop.

What started as an unassuming circus-inspired show first in New York, then Las Vegas, is tumbling into L.A. Live.

But just what is "Absinthe"? Even for the show's producer, it's hard to describe.

"If I say vaudeville that just sounds old world, if I say clown, people will say I hate clowns," said producer Ross Mollison. "If I say comic and super entertaining I think that describes it because it's just stupid fun basically."

Serving as host and emcee every night: the self-proclaimed wealthiest man in Las Vegas: "the Gazillionaire."

"This show is circus like you've never experienced before, sexy, dirty, raw, burlesque," said the Gazillionaire. "You can reach out and touch the performers that are performing right in front of you. You are sitting that close. You are watching them connect with each other, eye contact. We are rock and roll, we are punk rock, we are in your face, and we are in your lap. This show is literally in your lap."

"It's like watching a circus on your dining room table," said Mollison.

"A guy does a handstand on top of like 10 chairs to the top of the tent," added the emcee. "We've got acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, roller skaters."

"And strippers," added his sidekick Daisy.

The Gazillionaire has some very specific advice on how to best enjoy this modern-day cabaret.

"Get loose, get crazy. Whatever your worries are, whatever the things that are freaking you out, leave them in the car, leave them at home," he recommends. "Come see 'Absinthe' and we will fulfill your wildest dreams."
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