'Aladdin' stars walk regular, non-flying, carpet at London premiere

LONDON (KABC) -- The stars of Disney's new live action film "Aladdin" walked the regular... non-flying... carpet at the movie's European premiere in London.

Will Smith, who attended the event, said taking on the role of the genie in this new version was a difficult decision. The 1992 animated "Aladdin" featured the late Robin Williams in a performance that became iconic.

"You have to be careful with these types of films that mark people's childhoods. You know, there, there is a nostalgia to this film. And Robin Williams really created something that was revolutionary, that actors... we didn't even know we could do that in an animated film the way he created the genie," said Smith. "So for me, I was, I wanted to do it in a way that was an homage to Robin but at the same time, finding a new in. And the music, the hip-hop flavor to the music, was the way that I found my in to creating a new genie."

We'll see Smith's interpretation of the genie when "Aladdin" hits theaters here in the U.S. on May 24.
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