'Bachelor' Peter's finale called 'unexpected and complicated'

NEW YORK -- The two-night finale of "The Bachelor" is being called "unexpected and complicated."

Chris Harrison says that no one will see what's coming and no one could predict what's going to happen.

"Bachelor" Peter Weber says that he's in love with two women: Hannah Ann and Madison.

In the finale preview, Hannah Ann says she's "given, and given, and given, and she just wants something back." The video appears to show that she considers "tapping out."

Madison also seems to reach her breaking point.

Then we see the clip that has been teased all season: Chris Harrison telling Peter that they just found something out and they need to tell him before he "does what he's going to do."

Then we see Peter go to someone's room and apologize. It looks like a breakup, but who knows?!

Lastly, we see his mother Barbara crying and saying, "Bring her home, bring her home, that's what love stories are made of."

So who is the "her" Barbara is talking about?

Many theories are floating around, but we will not know for sure until Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 at 8/7c on ABC.
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