'The Bachelor' Peter talks about his final 6 women, 'unspoilable' finale

NEW YORK -- Peter is down to his final six women on "The Bachelor" and hoping that one will be his wife.

Up until this point in the show, he's had to apologize a lot! But, he says he feels that he's getting more serious and there was no time left for drama.

"I just really wanted to focus on the people that I knew there was something there with," Peter said.

He said that he wasn't confused about who he liked because there were many front-runners in his mind in the beginning.

"I wanted to do my best to give everyone a chance and if they weren't a front-runner I didn't want to necessarily count them out too soon, and that's where a lot of my indecisiveness came from," he said.

Many wondered why he had the two-on-one with Mykenna and Tammy if he just ended up eliminating Tammy first and then keeping Mykenna for the rose ceremony, only to end up sending her home as well.

"I wanted Mykenna around to have a couple more conversations with her," Peter said. "I didn't know what I was going to do at that rose ceremony going in at that point yet."

Peter said that while the drama between the women subsides, the emotions ramp up for him in his relationships, especially as he headed to the final four women's hometowns.

"I just wanted to gauge how good of a connection I had with that person, if I really could truly see them as my wife and is that someone I want to ask to possibly go and meet their family, you know, that's a huge step to take and I didn't take that lightly at all," Peter said.

"The Bachelor" has called this season "unspoilable" and Peter said it's because, "It was very unexpected, just how everything occurred at the end, I couldn't have predicted a lot of it, and it was a tough week for me, and I had to follow my heart throughout the entirety of it, and I can say that I'm happy, but just very unexpected."

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