'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay talks final 4 men, hometown dates and future

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Millions sit in front of their television screens every Monday and patiently wait to find out who "Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay plans to marry.

Rachel offered some insight on how she picked her final four bachelors and how she envisions her future.

"I think when you see the love I have for the man that I chose, I think everyone will rally behind that," she said. "I feel like people are invested in me finding love."

But who will it be?

Rachel has narrowed her choices down to four men: Bryan, Dean, Eric and Peter. We already know she's engaged to one of them.

In alphabetical order, beginning with Bryan she discussed how she decided on her final four from a pool of 31 suitors.

"Bryan was my first impression rose. We had a connection from the very beginning and the connection's still going strong," she said. "We have a very passionate relationship and there's depth to it, too."

She continues with the youngest guy in the house, Dean.

"Dean is who I call my beautiful surprise. He's the youngest in the house. I thought that would be a factor, but he's gone through so much," she said. "There's so much. There's a lot of depth to him that I think people underestimate because of his age."

She then discusses her relationship with personal trainer, Eric.

"He's got such a compelling story and he's been through so much and he's become this amazing man from it. I have so much respect for Eric and his energy is just amazing," she said.

Last but not least, she dishes about early fan favorite, Peter.

"Peter had my first one-on-one date and I think it surprised both of us how well we got along and how much we had in common - and that fire's still going," Rachel said.

The only spoiler she revealed is that from every episode from this point out, she cries because of how she connected with the men.

She also revealed the hometown dates were not all smooth sailing.

"It's family," she said. "Of course something goes wrong during the hometown dates - with every single one of them."

So where does she see herself and her fiancé in 10 years?

"Married with four kids because that's how many I want," she revealed. "Yeah, and living happily ever after."
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