'Beers of Joy' documentary celebrates history, future of favorite beverage

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There's a new movie available for home viewing that's all about... beer! So if you enjoy a brew--or maybe two--this documentary may be for you. "Beers of Joy" is steeped in history, and it follows several stories, all involving Americans passionate about this beverage.

"There's a guy we interviewed who has a brewery in L.A. and he made a real good point that beer is the beverage where the haves and have nots can all have it," said producer Mike Cooley. "We found a world that fascinated us."

"Beers of Joy" looks at people who aim to make the best beer. There's also a chef whose specialty is cooking with beer; and students studying to become master "cicerones," the highest certification level for those with an exceptional understanding of the beverage. The test to become a master cicerone is grueling. And the filmmakers admit they were not rooting for everyone to pass the test!

"As a director, no. I got to tell you. I was rooting for something great to happen that would be dramatic and the film definitely pays off in the drama department," said co-director and co-writer David Swift. "As a human, I wanted them all to pass."

The beer lovers who made this movie did some globetrotting get their stories. But they also learned about the beer world right here in America.

"I think we're more creative here," said Swift.

"They can put oysters and orange peel and anything you want to do," said co-director and co-writer Scott Owen. "So it's been exciting to be part of what they're doing in the U.S. because it's definitely cutting edge."

"Beers of Joy" is available now on-demand, Amazon Prime and iTunes.
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