Bryan Cranston returns to big screen in 'Wakefield'

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Bryan Cranston plays a man who suffers a nervous breakdown and moves to the garage attic to watch his family from afar in the new drama 'Wakefield.' (KABC)

Oscar nominee Bryan Cranston returns to the big screen in the new drama "Wakefield."

Cranston plays a man who comes home from work one night, but doesn't go inside his house. Instead, he secretly moves into the attic above the garage where he begins observing his wife and kids from afar as the result of a nervous breakdown.

Cranston's character goes through eight months of living this life, which meant the actor had to have different looks for his hair and beard.

"We shot this film in 20 days and we had to be very judicious about the scheduling and how to do it," Cranston explained. "So beards were coming off and beards were coming on and it was just corroding my skin."
In the video player above, ABC7's Entertainment Guru George Pennacchio sits down with the actor and his director to find out about Cranston's latest transformation.
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