Burt Reynolds returns to the big screen in a role tailor-made for him

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In the world of show business, Burt Reynolds is a legend. He's been acting now for 60 years. And at the age of 82, he's starring in a movie written just for him. It's called "The Last Movie Star."

"I've been very lucky, you know?" said Reynolds. "I talked to Mr. Eastwood last night and he said, 'You still got 'em fooled, pal.' I said, 'So have you.'"

In the film, Reynolds plays a former box office giant. His days as a superstar are long behind him when a friend encourages him to accept a lifetime achievement award from the International Nashville Film Festival. They have no idea the festival takes place in a bar! In real life, Reynolds once was the number-one movie star in America for five years running.

"You have to have a good director and you have to have a great script, of course," said Reynolds. "And then a real beautiful leading lady doesn't hurt!"

Adam Rifkin directed "The Last Movie Star" and did not know Reynolds before making this film, but the actor had been his hero since he was a little boy.

"As a fan of Burt, I wanted to give something back to him for all the years of enjoyment he had given me over all the years," said Rifkin. "So that's why I felt compelled to write this script. And he said to me, 'This role hits very close to home and is going to cause me to have to dig deep and reflect on something that might be tough.' But he said, 'I have to do it.' And it was the greatest day of my life. He nails it. He gives a beautiful performance."

"My feeling about the film was, as most of the film played through, is just to have as good a time as I can," said Reynolds. "And maybe the public will come along with me."

"The Last Movie Star" is now in theaters in Los Angeles and New York, and streaming on all platforms, including DIRECTV
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