'Captain America: Civil War' features layered storytelling

"Captain America: Civil War" is already proving itself a genuine hit, raking in $25 million just on its Thursday opening alone.

In the film the Marvel superheroes are divided into two distinct camps.

One is led by Steve Rogers - Captain America - who is once played again by Chris Evans. He wants the Avengers to defend humanity without government interference.

The others follow Tony Stark, and his alter ego Iron Man, with Robert Downey Jr. returning to that role. He decides to support government oversight.

Evans is glad the films have their moments of drama and storyline to go with the action.

"I think these movies don't work without it," Evans said. "You can have all the explosions in the world but unless you have some substance underneath it I don't think the audience can invest."

The men behind this unique blend of drama, action and fantasy are brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, who co-directed the film.

"We appreciate intricate storytelling, we like layered storytelling," Joe Russo said. "We like when you have to go back to a movie two or three times and watch it and get something different out of it every time. And that's what we always aspire to do with our storytelling.

"We weren't interested as filmmakers in choosing a specific side. And ultimately when you walk out of the theater the best thing that can happen for us is that you're arguing with your friends or your family or loved ones about who was right."
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