Joel McHale doubles down with fun as host of new ABC game show 'Card Sharks'

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- Joel McHale is enjoying his new gig as the host of "Card Sharks." It's a show we first saw back in 1978 with host Jim Perry. The comedian is serious when it comes to contestants winning some cash.

"Everyone has been great," said McHale. "When they win, it is-- I, as you know, am a cynical person whose heart melted into a very tiny little rock. And so when these people win, I genuinely am euphoric for them. I'm happy. It's really cool."

Joel says as the games play out, the audience shows a lot of energy...getting very vocal by screaming and yelling.

"We encourage them to voice their opinion," said McHale. "It gets to a point my voice is gone because I have to yell over them."

McHale is sharing Wednesday nights on ABC with two other games. Alec Baldwin is back with new episodes of "Match Game" and Elizabeth Banks joins the game show world as the host of "Press Your Luck."

When it comes to his new role on "Card Sharks," Joel really wants you to know just one thing.

"I always say, 'You can tip the host.' And so far, none have," laughed McHale.

"Card Sharks" and ABC's Summer Fun and Games airs on Wednesday nights.
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