Charlize Theron stars in and produces new dark comedy 'Gringo'

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Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo and Nash Edgerton star in an ensemble comedy about a marijuana scheme that can get some of them rich, or get them killed. (KABC)

The new movie "Gringo" is an R-rated dark comedy involving some shady business people and an honest man who gets caught up in their mess.

Joel Edgerton's and Charlize Theron's characters are looking into a marijuana pill will make them very rich, but a Mexican drug lord is not keen on their plan.

In the middle of the madness is David Oyelowo, who plays a guy just trying to do his job and is unaware of his dirty bosses.

"What I love about the film is that we don't play it for laughs," said Oyelowo. "It's the circumstances and the situations that are absurd. And we've all had situations whereby, even at a dinner when you're talking about what happens, like, did that really happen? And there's sort of a string of these for my character and so that was the fun of getting to play him."

Theron plays a woman who is used to getting whatever she wants.

"She's a little aggressive," said Theron. "She's definitely got a severe case of verbal diarrhea. I wouldn't want to be her friend. I mean, I wouldn't want her to be my friend. I don't think she knows how to be friends."

"Gringo" is directed by Nash Edgerton, the older brother of Joel. But Theron, who is also a producer on the film, became involved because of Nash. She's been of fan of his short films for years.

"He did a few that I just really liked and I just weirdly just called him up and I said, 'I would love to meet you. I think you are incredibly talented and find something to do together.' And it took about a decade!" said Theron. "But I'm happy we found this one."

"Gringo" is rated R and is in theaters March 9.
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