College friends mix disco, roller skating, and the apocalypse in new play "Roller Dynasty"

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- It all started at Kenyon College in Ohio.

Two young women from Los Angeles did their senior project together - a play called "The How and the Why."

Flash forward a couple of years and Sarah Grace White and Hannah Zipperman are again on stage together... this time in Hollywood. The play? "Roller Dynasty." It's about two young women who work at a roller rink.

"They're faced with the apocalypse which could be literal, could be not," said White. "But essentially what happens is they're locked in the roller rink until they figure out who they are and what they mean to each other and what their friendship really means."

"It's a lot about thinking about is your best friend the right match for you? Are you two sides of the same coin? Is your friendship toxic or is it not?" said Zipperman.

The cast and crew of "Roller Dynasty" is a young one. Only one person involved is over 30.

"It's been really great collaborating with people my age because we are all kind of hungry and eager working together," said Emma Pasarow, the play's director.

The show's stars had to learn how to roller skate for this. And that wasn't easy.

"I've got some bruises," laughed Zipperman.

"Oh yeah, we've got, like, battle wounds for sure," agreed White.

But they also have kind words from theater-goers who've connected to the material.

"I've had a lot of people come up to me after and be like, I really felt like this was me and my best friend in college and this is what I went through," said White.

"Roller Dynasty" runs through Saturday, April 13th, at The Other Space at The Actor's Company in Hollywood.
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