Halloween-themed 'Dancing with the Stars' sees extra fright with surprise double elimination

"Dancing with the Stars" historically does it up right for Halloween.

The show is known for its costumes, sets, and lighting; this holiday lets them amp things up even more.

Before the show started, we knew Lindsey Stirling had injured herself pretty seriously last week, and again during rehearsal. She entered the ballroom with the other seven competitors with her head held high. Her partner Mark Ballas called her a warrior.

After the remaining couples perform their individual dances, we have two teams of four assigned a team dance for extra points.

And there is a Halloween surprise this week: double elimination!

Here's a recap of the night's individual scores, from highest to lowest:

Jordan Fisher: 30 out of 30
Lindsay Arnold choreographs an intricate paso doble routine for the top male dancers in the troupe. And her partner Jordan fits right in with that team. You honestly can't tell who the rookie is in this group. Jordan clearly enjoys performing with the pack of werewolves but is equally powerful in hold with Lindsay. They know their main competition these past few weeks has been Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas. Lindsay Arnold likes the symbolism with that; it's Mark who taught her ballroom dance when she was younger. Head Judge Len Goodman told Jordan he watches him closer than any other celebrity, and this week he danced like an angel. Bruno Tonioli thought it was the biggest, baddest paso doble ever; and Carrie Ann Inaba liked seeing a different side to Jordan.

Frankie Muniz: 30 out of 30
Frankie was down in the dumps after his performance last week. Witney played cheerleader and coach and got him back in the zone for this week's contemporary. He got so confident during rehearsal he even started offering up some choreography ideas to his pro partner! Bruno thought the routine was inspired, and Carrie Ann said she loves when she sees something that not just blends but also elevates dance, movement, and storytelling.

Victoria Arlen: 27 out of 30
Val and Vic have a bit of a hiccup when he calls her out for "holding back" during rehearsals. She appreciates his candor and they work through their differences. Val also reminds her she's survived death; she can survive Jordan and Lindsey! Len thought their Viennese waltz was "supernatural"; a super routine and she looked like a natural!

Drew Scott: 27 out of 30
Not unlike Frankie Muniz, Drew was coming off a bad week in the ballroom and some not so favorable responses from the judges. And, like Frankie, Drew took the comments to heart and worked extra hard. He was traveling for much of the week for his day job on the "Property Brothers", but Emma tagged along and they learned the Charleston in several cities along the way. Bruno loved the dance, saying it was bonkers, in a good way; Carrie Ann said it was uplifting and quirky, in a good way; and Len said in true Halloween spirit, this week Drew came back to life.

Lindsey Stirling: 27 out of 30
Lindsey clearly looks like she is in pain every (dance) step of the way this week. She tweaked a rib during last week's performance; she exacerbated the injury during rehearsal this week. A trip to urgent care showed things don't look good but she goes ahead and performs a very physical paso doble. Carrie Ann called Lindsey a beast, who danced with strength and conviction; Len told her he's a fan.

Terrell Owens: 25 out of 30
Both Terrell and Cheryl are happy with his progression so far. Their partnership has really blossomed and when Terrell tells Cheryl she really is a great coach, she gets adorably embarrassed. He says he realizes this competition is just like football season; the further it goes on, the harder you have to push. The judges all thought Cheryl taught him a "proper" tango, and that Terrell performed it well.

Nikki Bella: 24 out of 30
Like true partners, both Nikki and Artem take the blame for a little slip up they had last week in the ballroom. The duo hopes to rectify things this week with their jive. Nikki's a little worried about the bouncy-bounciness of the jive because of her curvy figure. But they have fun with a Bette Midler tune from "Hocus Pocus" and the judges don't really find anything wrong with the routine. They all just thought it lacked a little "punch."

Vanessa Lachey: 24 out of 30
It's a zombie-fied paso doble for Vanessa and Maks. The dance is very stylized and Vanessa knows she has to go "all in" with her partner this week. Like with Nikki, the judges thought the dance was fine, but didn't really offer anything extra special. Len also thought it lacked a bit in actual paso choreography.

Team Dances:
Team Monster Mash - Jordan, Terrell, Lindsey and Nikki: 24 out of 30 points added to each score

Team Phantom of the Opera - Drew, Frankie, Vanessa and Victoria: 30 out of 30 points added to each score

And then came the Halloween surprise: A double elimination. In the end, we said goodbye to Vanessa Lachey and Nikki Bella.

Next week, the remaining six couples will do an individual dance plus a trio dance, which will feature a past DWTS competitor.
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