'Dancing with the Stars' shows sexy side for Latin Night

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One more celebrity was eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" after the couples showed their sexy sides with Latin-themed dances.

It's "Latin Night" so we're in for some sexy, sensual, fast and fun dances. The celebrities will be able to show a completely different side to themselves after Monday's "Ballroom Night."

Head judge Len Goodman offered up a standing ovation to all the celebrities and the pros for putting together a successful, entertaining two-day competition. But the end will have the same result: one couple will be sent home.
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One more celebrity was eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" after the couples showed their sexy sides with Latin-themed dances.

Here's a recap of the "Latin Night" dances, from highest score to lowest:

Frankie Muniz: 25 out of 30
Frankie's nickname needs to be Mr. Dedication. He is completely committed to learning how to dance, even though his body is fighting him every day. A previous car crash means he's got some issues, but Frankie is doing every kind of therapy imaginable to help him through the process. Witney's not going easy on him, and that's a good thing. Pushing this guy works, and Bruno Tonioli gave the couple the season's first "9." Carrie Ann Inaba told Frankie he had swagger and he got a little embarrassed but he's in it to win it. Len thought it was a terrific, entertaining routine.

Lindsey Stirling: 24 out of 30
Mark Ballas tells his partner that when you're doing the salsa you're supposed to feel like you're having the time of your life. And Lindsay shows us that in spades. She brings the strong work ethic she was brought up with onto the dance floor and Mark knows he's got the best clay there is to mold and he's going for it. Bruno called Lindsey a firecracker and praised their constant energy, speed and rhythm; Carrie Ann called the routine "mission accomplished"; and Len thought it was flat-out fabulous.

Jordan Fisher: 24 out of 30
Jordan and Lindsey got the same high score on both Monday and Tuesday nights, setting themselves up as early favorites. He knows how hard the samba can be, but Jordan is all in and eager to learn and challenge himself. They got a big reaction from the crowd, and Carrie Ann advised them to soak it all in. She thinks they have an amazing partnership already, and loves the vibrancy and energy they bring to the room. Bruno also thinks the duo lights up the room and he appreciated that Jordan brought his own special style and flair to the routine. Len gave a lecture on Jordan's dance shoes; the rehearsal video shows he practices in tennis shoes, then wears the "real" shoes on show day. Len scolded him about that!

Vanessa Lachey: 23 out of 30
Vanessa and Maksim lost one point from their Monday night score but certainly made the ballroom sizzle with their salsa. He keeps pushing her for more, more, more; he wants her to fully step out of "mommy" mode and become a dreamy dancer. Carrie Ann thought they were totally in sync; Bruno called the dance juicy, saucy and spicy and said Vanessa outshined Maks (which is not an easy task!); Len liked the energy and pace and called Vanessa a contender.

Sasha Pieterse: 22 out of 30
Gleb decided on a prom king and queen theme for their samba. During the course of rehearsals, Sasha opened up to her partner about the bullying she had been subjected to because she gained weight over the past several years. She discovered a medical reason for it, but that doesn't make it any easier. Sasha is on the right path now, and has already lost 15 pounds since starting this DWTS journey. Len thought the routine had plenty of content and sparkle; Bruno thinks she has a very good feel for the music and asked her not to be shy; Carrie Ann doesn't think Sasha has been shy at all, and is happy to see her blossoming on the dance floor.

Drew Scott: 21 out of 30
Drew is slowly working through his tall-guy issues, thanks to Emma, and a few hours in the spray-tan booth also helped him channel some sexy energy for their rumba. Bruno teased him about his "tangerine dream" tan but thinks Drew is improving; Carrie Ann thought the dance was expressive; and Len gave a meandering analogy about a house and a yard, but in the end called this Drew's best dance.

Debbie Gibson: 21 out of 30
Debbie and Alan were going for their own steamy seduction in their Argentine tango. She's good at getting into character and their connection really helps in a dance like this one. Bruno told her he wanted to see "naughty Debbie" and that's what she was striving to achieve. As far as Bruno was concerned it was a success; Carrie Ann agreed; and Len thought they captured the night club vibe and called this her best dance so far.

Victoria Arlen: 20 out of 30
She's got a big personality, but Victoria is also a little bit shy. That especially comes out when she's asked to do the rumba, the dance of love. She giggles and squirms a bit, but Val's coaching helps alleviate her fears. Bruno thought the dance felt like a mini-play and deeply felt; Carrie Ann called it authentic and vulnerable and said honesty works every time; Len said there was emotion, but little else, and chastised Val for not putting in enough real rumba content.

Derek Fisher: 19 out of 30
"Fish" has a long standing reputation as a nice guy. Sharna knows it'll take some doing to get him to find his feisty, arrogant side to perform the paso doble. The toughest part: getting him to hide that smile! Carrie Ann is over the moon with his performance, and the improvement Derek has shown. She thanks him for really listening to the judges' comments. Len appreciated the spirit and determination he showed; and Bruno warned him to make sure and strike the right balance between artistry and power.

Nick Lachey: 19 out of 30
Nick gets busted once again for his "tight hips", this time on the Argentine tango. Len thought the dance lacked passion and intensity. Peta tried to help by having him remember his first date with his wife Vanessa. He drew a blank! (But she knew exactly what they did and where they did it. Awkward!) Bruno appreciated that he got into character, but wants more; and Carrie Ann also wants to see more, more, more.

Terrell Owens: 19 out of 30
Since this is a night of sexy dances perhaps that's what prompted to Terrell to give us the line of the evening: his relationship status is like Kraft cheese - single! Cheryl is trying to get him into the right spirit for the samba, and uses a firefighter theme with the song "It's Getting Hot in Here" to spark the mood. Len clearly likes Terrell's spirit and attitude but wants more; Bruno agrees they're a hot couple but also wants more; and Carrie Ann asked Terrell to work on expanding his body in the room and dancing "bigger."

Nikki Bella: 18 out of 30
When Nikki hears she's learning the samba her mind immediately goes to "headdress." Artem likes her fire, but says no, that's a different type of dance. Nikki giggles a lot during rehearsal because she gets uncomfortable when the two get physically close. She's in a long-term relationship (with fellow wrestler John Cena) and says she hasn't gyrated with anyone else in five years. Both Len and Bruno thought it took a little too long to get things going in the routine; Carrie Ann likes their connection but asked Nikki to make sure she finishes her movements.

The second elimination of the season started with two couples - Nick Lachey and Peta Murgatroyd, and Debbie Gibson and Alan Bersten - being told they are in jeopardy. In the end, Debbie Gibson's dance dreams were over.

The 11 remaining couples return next Monday night.
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