Diane Keaton's new movie 'Poms' gives us something to cheer about

HOLLYWOOD (KABC) -- Diane Keaton is having fun with her latest film, "Poms." It's a female-led comedy with a sweet, sentimental and serious side. It involves the women of a retirement community coming together to form their own cheerleading club.

Keaton knew immediately after reading the script that this film was for her.

"It tells a really important story, for me anyway. Yeah, I took it on. And I liked the director," said Keaton. "Zara Hayes, first time feature director. You know, so I thought, yeah. I mean, why wouldn't I?"

Keaton is also one of the film's executive producers.

"That's where Zara started to dislike me because now I get to share my stupid opinion," joked Keaton.

The director begs to differ.

"She's so insanely talented and yet so humble and real and approachable and kind of self-effacing," said Hayes. "And it kind of makes you forget that she's legend and icon Diane Keaton!"

When I told Keaton how much I enjoyed her movie, she actually got out of her chair for a "proper" thank you.

"I love him. I have to kiss him now," said Keaton. "I'm going to go over and give him a big fat kiss. Oh my God. Thank you for that!"
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