Disney artist still makes magic the old fashion way

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Belonging to a little-known department at Walt Disney Studios, artist Antonio Pelayo will be showcasing a variety of his work from 1998 to the present at Plaza de la Raza on Saturday.

His work at Disney's famed Ink and Paint Department has had him reproduce numerous images of the studios' films on cells.

"What we do now is we're keeping the tradition alive of inking and painting and we do it exactly the same way it was done back in 1920," Pelayo shared.

His retrospective exhibition will be hosted by Patricia Lopez, of ABC7's Vista L.A., at Plaza de la Raza in Lincoln Park on Saturday at 7 p.m.

In the video player above, ABC7's Entertainment Guru George Pennacchio chats with Pelayo about his artistic career and his experience working at Disney.

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of ABC7.
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